Inspired by You

Life has taken a turn. I am finding myself in moments of peace, tranquility, and contentment in ways I have not experienced before. Life transforms us is multiple ways, and not always through positive moments. I do believe that through life’s challenges we begin to find ourselves.

I have had requests lately by multiple people to start a blog. “What could I possibly talk about that is remotely interesting or worth blogging about?” I asked myself. I really don’t feel that my life is that interesting, but maybe that’s because I’m living it. But tonight I figure, why not? People will either read it or they won’t. At least it will give me the opportunity to reflect back on my life and learn from my continuous forward-moving journey.

So with that said, here is my first official post! I hope to share moments of happiness, challenge, learning, and thoughts on life as I continue learning and living it. I hope to continue to be an inspiration and motivation to others as I continue to be influenced and motivated by those around me.

As I sat at my desk today drinking Yogi Tea (one of my favorite brands), I reflected on the inspirational messages it offered. Maybe it was just coincidence, but I’ll take it as a sign. 😉