Don’t Be Afraid to Be You!


This rang deep and true tonight. I cannot count the numbers of time…a week…I get the age old questions:

“When are you going to stop moving?”
“When are you going to settle down?”
“We have bets on when you’re going to buy a house.”
“Don’t you want to get married?
“When are you going to have kids?”
“How are you going to do [any of the above] if you keep living your life the way that you do?”

Most of the times these questions are pretty offensive. Okay, all of the time. And they usually come from people I know. These aren’t strangers. They are friends, acquaintances, sometimes family members. It gets old trying to explain myself, or even feeling like I have to explain or justify my life to someone else. Because, the fact of the matter is, my life is my own. We’re ALL on different journeys and paths. We all reach specific destinations along that path when it’s our time. 

I’m very deeply rooted in my faith and the belief that God has a plan for me. This was confirmed for me this evening when I happened to open up to tonight’s devotional with these thoughts on my mind:


“Love Out Loud: 365 Devotions for Loving God, Loving Yourself, and Loving Others” – Joyce Meyer

My plan definitely looks nothing like yours, or yours, or yours over there in the corner. And that’s okay. Because my life is not supposed to look like anything else’s but my own. So, reading this today rang true and clear.

I don’t follow the typical “rules” of society. If that were the case I’d be in the white picket-fenced house with a two-car garage and a family of four, not because it’s what I want, but because it’s what I’m “supposed” to do as a young woman of forever 25. I’m not sure where the seed was planted by society to set up boxes of artificial rules that are only applicable to…hmmmm…NO ONE! And everyone buys into it at some point until you become confident enough in yourself to be okay with “breaking the rules.”

I live my life according to the journey and path God has set out for me. This path is not always smooth sailing; it’s not supposed to be. It’s full of obstacles and detours. But, this life of mine has taken me overseas, allowed me to see places I never thought would be possible, placed me living in multiple states, provided me with multiple job opportunities and a professional career, has removed seasonal people from my life when its their time to go and left me with amazing people who are here to stay. Is everyday sunshine and rainbows for me? No. Are there things that I sometimes wish were already in place? Sure. I’m human. But overall I am filled with a feeling of content and happiness, because I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. 

So, when people ask me “how do you do what you do with the strength in which you do it?”, all I can say is all of THIS is beyond me. In fact, it has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with Him. But, that’s just my journey…

…And I’m sticking to it!


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