Running for the right reasons

Today I posted this on my Facebook page:

I appreciate my friends and FB community that continue to encourage each other towards health and wellness. We’re all on different paths: some of us trying to incorporate better habits, some looking for the motivation to continue working out, or even just to start. 

Knowing this, it saddens me to see posts resembling discouragement and attempts to gain body image validation. No one needs to hear how much we weigh or what our numbers are. How do we know posts about how “overweight” we think we may be (knowing good and well we aren’t) isn’t impacting someone else who may be really struggling with that issue? 

We all have set standards in terms of body image that we set for ourselves in how we want to look, but let’s continue to EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE one another towards a healthy and long-lasting lifetime. 🙂

Blogging, luckily, allows me to expand my thoughts without overflowing a News Feed. 🙂

I was surprised by how well received this message was. Not because I didn’t think it was a good message, but what it made me realize is how easy it is be consumed by society and its definition of beauty. Why are you motivated to go to the gym? Is it because you want to be a better you? Or are you looking to fit a socially-constructed standard? Sometimes I have to ask myself this same question from time to time. 

History: I always wanted to be a Dietician. If someone asked me right now “If you could be anything you wanted in life right now without any barriers, what would it be?” My answer would be, “To become a Dietician.” Maybe it’s the multiple genetic ailments I am prone to and try my best to beat those inheritances, or maybe it’s just my love of food and finding better ways to eat what I love. Either way, I’ve always been interested in health, fitness and how these things affect our holistic well being. But rather in excelling in biological sciences, I excelled in communication and human development. Darn my interpersonal people skills!! 

Back to the present: In spite of this, I am finding new ways to share and dialogue about my love of food, health, and fitness in positive and transformational ways with others. I can care less about how much you weigh. Heck, I don’t even want to know how much I weigh! With the images on TV and in the media, with shows like Keeping up with Kardashians (who said we had to keep up with them anyways? #sidenote), we’re almost trained to find the flaws within ourselves. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times I looked in the mirror wishing certain rolls, wrinkles, and dents would disappear. But I’m no longer interested in society’s definition of beauty. I’m not interested in society’s attempt to define me in terms of this “defined beauty.” I’m interested in living a full, healthy, and happy life. Posting a freshly made juice here, a new creative dinner there…not only is it fun for me, but I am happy to know that I’m able to be a positive motivator to others as much as others continue to motivate and positively influence me. 

I’m not interested in tearing others done. I’m interested in lifting others up!! Think about how much better the world would be if this were everyone’s life philosophy? 🙂 We all need an extra push here and there. I love seeing friends’ FB posts about their runs, new recipes, and overcoming the infamous SNOOZE button! 

Learning to be no one else but a better me continues to be a long and difficult journey. I work at it every day. But, as I continue to grow, it become easier. 

So, as I continue on the journey of becoming a better me, I thank you in joining me, and I ask that you continue to keep me going, just as I’ll try to do the same thing for you. 😀


Always aiming to be a better me!


Now…where did I put my chocolate bar? Everything in moderation! We only live once, right? 😉


For the love of dark chocolate…and life!



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